38th Annual Convention Recap
by Susan Elsasser, Ohio Valley Chapter Board President

What a wonderful experience the 2023 HDSA convention was. There is so much energy and so many great people involved in HD. There were over 900 people at the convention. It was great to get to meet many of them face to face and in such a vibrant town as New Orleans. The highlights for me included:

~ Leadership Day – interacting, collaborating and meeting other chapter presidents with the opportunity to discuss the strengths and challenges that we face. Sharing ideas for future activities and how to grow strong boards and brainstorm on recruiting new members and succession planning.
~ Kick off and the Parade Walk: during the Opening of convention and to kick off the Team Hope walks - everyone paraded around the block around the hotel, led by a New Orleans traditional brass parade band. It was very festive & fun!
~ Opportunity to spend more time with our social worker team: we are so fortunate to have Becca, Connie & Kaitlin. They are warm & caring people and lots of fun!
~ Meeting great people and hearing their stories.
~ Research updates: there is a very talented group of scientists and doctors that are focused on finding a cure or reducing symptoms. There are a variety and volume of studies underway resulting in an increase in the data. There are a lot of scientists looking at the data with different perspectives that are generating new ideas. Even though some studies were paused or did not get the expected results. They are still learning from those studies.

I cannot speak to all the information that was shared at convention. I highly encourage folks to listen to the replays videos when they are available. Also, please attend the education day on 07/15. I am sure Dr. Duker will be sharing his perspective and Jimmy Pollard was spotted at the convention. Education Day will be a great opportunity to get their perspectives.